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Centered, Grounded, Spirited.

Friends only. If you would like to add me, please send me a private message introducing yourself and why you're adding me. If I don't get a message from you, I will not be adding you back. Thanks for understanding.
abductions, acoustic alchemy, aikido, aliens, armin van buuren, ascension, astronomy, bodhisattva, buddhism, carl sagan, celestial, clairvoyance, coincidence, consciousness, contemplation, cycling, dalai lama, dharma, disclosure, divination, dna, dream interpretation, dreams, e.s. posthumus, empathy, energy, energy work, evolution, extraterrestrial communication, extraterrestrial souls, extraterrestrials, fantasy, fitness, galaxies, genetics, going home, guidance, healing, heart, home planets, hope, humans, hybrids, immortality, incarnate, indigo children, infinity, inner development, inner growth, inspiration, interconnected-ness, interconnection, intj, introspection, introverted, intuition, istj, judging, ki, life on other planets, light, lightworkers, love, martial arts, meditation, mediums, middle path, middle way, mindful, mindfulness, minerals, music, nanowrimo, night, non-humans, nt, organization, other planets, otherkin, outer space, paranormal phenomenon, parapsychology, past life memories, past life regression, past lives, personal development, personal growth, philosophy, planet types, planetary design, precognition, predetermination, present moment, present moment wonderful moment, psychic abilities, rats, reading, reiki, reincarnation, sci fi, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sensing, seti, solar systems, soul groups, space craft, space stations, space travel, spirit, spirit guides, spirit of aikido, spirits, spiritual development, spirituality, star systems, star trek, star wars, stargate, stars, starseeds, studying, synaesthesia, synchronicity, synesthesia, telepathy, the bodhisattva way, the greys, the matrix, the milky way, thinking, trance, transmigration, ufo, ufos, unidentified flying objects, universe, visions, walk-ins, wanderers, water, william orbit, writing, zen buddhism